Sunday, September 20, 2009

Come on, let’s play

When you are creating, you are vulnerable. To others comments, to failure, to having the right idea at the wrong time or the wrong place or the other way round. And sometimes the audience is just not ready for an idea, or the idea is plain shit. Anyhow. You will do foolish things. Important is only that you do them, and that you do them with enthusiasm and pride. There has never been created anything new out of hesitation. That’s why I respect people who have been failing. Because next time it will go right. 

Come on, let’s play!


Anonymous said...

I like the core of this post very much.

There's too much playing safe out there. The world is full of ideas good or bad [which could turn out to be good if people just would let them].

I say test 'em out and experiment. The most awful breed is one who fells in obsessive love with just a one idea and hatches it safely too long. There's always someone who's got the same idea and maybe he's quicker than you. ;)

I read your blog the first time today, and feel you've got some same kind of thoughts for these things that I do. Keep up the good posting! ;)

Tobias Wacker said...

True words, playing safe won’t change the world. Thanks for the comment and good luck with digital_alpaca!

Anonymous said...

I love this post. But from reading your other posts I am not sure what it is you think of social networking sites and such. Is it just the users which are merely advertising tools you dislike or the whole concept? As I believe such sites as youtube, facebook and blogs can be used to do as you say, experiment and foolishly create by showing them on these sites. The beauty being that you are proud of it because you're showing it to the world, but you can choose to attatch your own identity at your will. Or would you say that goes against your point here?

Create.Design.Inspire said...

brilliant use of typography and space!