Sunday, May 2, 2010


The years from 2010 to 2020 are the age of redefinition. Last time society and way of life changed so dramatically was during the industrial revolution, which started at around 1800. We are now having the ultimate thrill living the digital revolution, and the impact on society, business, environment and culture is massive. We are just in the very beginning in mayor fields as e.g. education, transportation, energy, health care, media and research.

The digital revolution is differing in one mayor point from the industrial revolution, though: The speed of transformation. Even companies which were supposed to be on the right track and in the right industry, e.g. US handset manufacturers Motorola and Palm, nearly lost everything in as short time as three years.

We need to change the way of thinking and working, if we want to play an important role in future. The game has changed for good. We need to reboot processes, brand and R&D now. We need innovative business strategies, digital roadmaps and marketing intelligence. We need to understand and to accept. We need to reinvent ourselves. And let’s don’t forget to have fun – we are living the digital gold rush. The most creative solutions will be royally rewarded.

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