Saturday, June 13, 2009

School’s out for summer

Dear all, 
as summer is approaching I will be on a (totally deserved) holiday in US and Canada from 17th June until 26th July. There won't be any blog entries in this time, after a long, hard and rewarding year of work I will mostly disconnect from the digital world during summer. So nothing happening on my two twitter-streams @tobiaswacker and @PalmerstonHEL or any other social media profile. The best way to connect with me in this time is via sms, as I won't read e-mail. I will relax, get new impressions, think, enjoy and explore to be back with great spirit. Until then.

Have a great summer. Life is now! 


AnnetteAusStuttgart said...

Have fun and relax!

Fred said...

Yeah! I'm going to America too.. but in August! Enjoy your holiday dude.. bye