Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Give a damn!

Hmm, a great summer holiday has come to an end and I want to share a couple of thoughts which came up while traveling the last weeks, related to the topics of marketing and creativity. After every travel, some things are sticking to one’s mind more than others, as they were more special. Let it be great nature, a restaurant, a sunrise, special service or a nice store.

Great things impress us for a certain reason: They are less compromising then others, they are simply outstanding. 

Our goal in marketing, creativity and communications must be the same: Strong, sharp and uncompromising ideas and concepts, polished to perfection with undeniable logic and irresistible emotion, executed with love and great care. 

We need Marketing professionals valuing the art and craft, investing time and money in the right projects – and we need to bring up these projects. So, let’s do just that until next summer, and let’s see where we end up.

Nothing great comes easy!

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