Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gold-digger times for web 2.0 application mashups

Mashups, originated in music field where the vocals of a song are combined with the melody of another, are finding their way to web 2.0 applications. The point is to mix different applications and create a new one. Common 2.0 mashups are e.g. the combination of google earth, youtube and flickr. A concrete example is a world of nirvana, where fans can see youtube videos on google earth to follow the steps of legendary band Nirvana. This is made possible due to open Application Programming Interfaces, and key players in 2.0 world have understood the creative power of mashups and opened their API’s. If you think that this is rocket science und just for real geeks you are wrong – even Microsoft is offering a free online game & mashup creator named Popfly, if you prefer another tool you can try Yahoo pipes. The mashup creators are as easy to use as a website builder. Regarding mashups it's gold-digger time now – people with the biggest imagination and the highest level of business creativity can make a fortune. How about?

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