Thursday, February 5, 2009

Innovation Power – Why I love Brand Futurism

Yesterday I visited Stockholm furniture fair, and like expected there were lot’s of big companies presenting nice furniture. The most interesting part for me was the so called greenhouse, the exhibition part for young designers and visionaires. It was the most lively part of the fair, and the young brains displayed real innovations. The University of North Umbria in Italy e.g. was having a look in the future – and showed among other things bricks made of rice from the year 2030. The visit to the greenhouse just showed me once again how important and interesting brand futurism is, and assured me in my approach to help clients to see the future. The benefit of that work is not seen in 2020 – it's seen today, challanging our thinking and activating our pioneering spirit, turning us to forerunners of our field.

Some information about the greenhouse

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