Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Microsoft forever

Ok, I really don't like Microsoft, who does. Anyhow, now that the Mobile World Congress is going strong in Barcelona, I browse through news, watch press conferences etc. Microsoft launched a new operating system for mobile devices, Windows mobile 6.5, and called it Windows phone. Of course it is the same crap than Windows 6.1 mobile operating system, just some pimped surface. I thought that they should have learned something out of the Windows Vista disaster, but they didn't. But now to the point: I wanted to see the MS press conference, and they want me to download their stupid silverlight plugin, otherwise I can’t see the press conference. Never, never I will download this lousy flash imitation. Never. Microsoft, your power is vanishing, as you refuse to learn anything from the past. Good bye. 

Pumping hundreds of millions in Crispin Porter & Bogusky advertising doesn't help. Not a bit. You Redmond guys will never be cool. 


Mauger said...

Never heard of this Silverlight, indeed another shit from Microsoft.. but this kind of policies is used by many other companies... who said Apple?

Tobias Wacker said...

Yep, Apple also uses different than open format standards. However, Apple is innovative and Microsoft is waiting until something is big (Flash) to copy it (Silverlight). The glory goes always to the one who started something…
Anyhow, they do something good with their money: