Sunday, January 25, 2009

GM sold of its heritage and museum cars

A nicely fitting but very sad counter post to the opening of the Porsche museum and German car temples I have been writing recently… now GM sold away their company heritage. For as little as 9 million $ they sold 252 cars from their company museum, carrying the heritage and DNA of the company. How they could do it? I guess that is the final sign of resignation. The last one will shut down the lights, then.


Fred said...

For sure it's sad, but that's their own fault! A Chinese proverb say that 'An arrogant army will certainly loose the battle.', that's what is currently happening.
American huge and oil-sucker cars were always the symbol of their arrogance, shouting loud and clear their 'supremacy' on the world.
As an occidental guy, I'm sorry to say that, but they deserve it!

Tobias Wacker said...

Well, they have indeed made a couple of big mistakes. Next to the unefficient fuel consumption also the quality of the cars are a problem – these two things have not been a too big problem in US, but it made the cars basically not sellable in the rest of the world…

Together with the economic crisis and the consumer behaviour based on credits it is a destructibe cocktail.

I wonder how long the will be still in business.