Friday, January 9, 2009

LOHAS – Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability

The megatrend I want to introduce today is called LOHAS, and although it is not a very new one it is strongly relevant also and especially during times of recession and economical downturn. There are estimations that 40 % of all US citizens and 50 % of German citizens can be counted as LOHAS, which is describing the potential of this idea quite strongly. After the decade of turbo capitalism, coming along with wild usage of natural resources and before unseen destruction of our environment, people have felt and experienced that things went to far. At the forefront and as symbol of this development stand the ’1 € stores’ selling items for just a euro – made to be thrown away just days after purchase. This products have been produced under uncontrolled conditions in China or India and travelled over the oceans to US and Europe. Fortunately more and more people are interested how and where things are produced, and they do care what carbon footprint they produce. And so do I.

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