Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Your five minutes of fame [2]: Free the children

Hi ! i also found this blog by clicking the next blog button (can anyone really resist). I read your five minutes of fame idea, and thought, hey, what do i have to lose? Right now i'm just a 17 year old student, who just made my first blog yesterday. To provide some inspiration and some words to relate to, everyday, documenting my 2010 with pictures, quotes, and many rants:

There is one cause i have recenetly become almost obsessed about. I do love to share the little money i have( and you should to !) to cancer wards, make-a-wish foundation, sick kids, UNICEF. However, I have recently started to become more educated and involved in Child Labour. Amazing how more than 80% of my wardrobe was probably made by a child, who probably had no choice in it to begin with.

get involved ! Ask if the clothes you're about to purchase may be made in sweatshops. We can change that, because these children, and any other sweat shop workers deserve a future too.

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