Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Your five minutes of fame

Hei everyone!

As for some reason I get thousands of visitors to my blog every day via the ’next blog’ button since three days I gave a thought what to do with the traffic. Being an adman myself, placing random ads on the site is not an option (; As you guys visited here from 139 countries the last three days, targeted self promotion doesn’t make much sense either. So I decided to promote random people and their projects, thoughts or organizations. Naturally it must be something interesting to get posted here.

This is how the experiment goes:
You write some short description of yourself, your [non-profit] organization, your project or your thoughts. Then you comment your content to this post. If it is good stuff I will make an own blog post out of it, and link to the sites you mentioned. Or in other words, I give away this blog to your cause for a post, if you convince me. If you want me to add a picture to your post, add a link to the picture in the end of your comment, so that I can grab it.

Send me your stuff, I am curious to see what you want to have promoted!

ps/ If you are selling electronics from China or fake Viagra, it might be very unlikely to get a post… That’s why this action is moderated.


LisaK said...

Hi! I just happened to find this (via next blog as you described) and couldn't resist the possibility of being the first one to leave my mark. I'm currently still a student, so generally I don't promote much, other than a positive attitude towards life (hopefully). But once my education is finished, I hope to go into the world and promote volunteering and other social work in an attempt to make the world a more beautiful place. As part of this, I am a follower of the hunger site and rainforest site... www.thehungersite.com/

The site is supported by various sponsors, which means that those who are interested only have to click the button and money from the sponsors will go to those in need.
I think this is a valuable investment of three seconds every day :) Thanks! xxxLisaK

Tobias Wacker said...

Thanks LisaK. You have grabbed the chance by the horns and are the first one, indeed :)

The hunger site is a good thing to support!

Katherine said...

Hi ! i also found this blog by clicking the next blog button (can anyone really resist). I read your five minutes of fame idea, and thought, hey, what do i have to lose? Right now i'm just a 17 year old student, who just made my first blog yesterday. To provide some inspiration and some words to relate to, everyday, documenting my 2010 with pictures, quotes, and many rants: http://wordsweallneed.blogspot.com/

There is one cause i have recenetly become almost obsessed about. I do love to share the little money i have( and you should to !) to cancer wards, make-a-wish foundation, sick kids, UNICEF. However, I have recently started to become more educated and involved in Child Labour. Amazing how more than 80% of my wardrobe was probably made by a child, who probably had no choice in it to begin with.


get involved ! Ask if the clothes you're about to purchase may be made in sweatshops. We can change that, because these children, and any other sweat shop workers deserve a future too.

Jason said...

Hey Tobias! Let's see if this gets your attention. I own what was on its way to becoming a thriving business before I had a a deal go terribly wrong costing me everything and leaving me to start again. I have investors who are considering coming on board, but I had another, more creative idea as well. You seem to be someone who can appreciate one's creativity. I wrote a book titled; Save My Company, Buy This Book; A Business Guide to raise money and took some unique approaches to drive sales. Check out my story, if you don't mind, at:http://www.saveourcompany.org/ and my blog, which really needs some traffic, at http://mydesperateneedforhelp.blogspot.com/. I hope you don't mind lending a hand, or some traffic!

Paula from Amen Corners said...

If you are getting thousands of visitors to your site as you say, then I am hoping that a lot of them are Canadian and want to throw their support behind the Wreaths Across Canada Association. I only found out about this organization last week.
Wreaths Across Canada was set up in 2007 by Mr. Craig McPhee, a retired Canadian Military veteran. After seeing Arlington National Cemetery at Christmas a few years ago, Mr. McPhee was inspired to create Wreaths Across Canada. As in Arlington, Mr. McPhee's goal is to have a red bowed balsam wreath laid at the headstone of every veteran in the Field of Honour in every Canadian cemetery at Christmas time. Additionally, Mr. McPhee wants to help educate Canadian children about our veterans and has established a $2,000 bursary to be awarded to a Grade 10 student studying History. This is a grassroots organization. The Newfoundland Branch of it held it's first wreath laying ceremony this past December in the Field of Honour at Mount Pleasant Cemetery in St. John's. A ceremony is planned for Canada's National Cemetery at Beechwood in December of 2011. To learn more about Wreaths Across Canada, or to help this noble cause, please visit their website at:


Thank you. I sincerely hope that you feel this post is worth 5 minutes of fame.

Pretentious Tom said...

Hi Tobias

Like the others i found this blog via the 'next blog' button. I am currently trying to construct an interesting blog on student life and share some of the more thought-provoking and funny moments.

I write my stories as a way of releasing my thoughts out into the world and hopefully too make people smile.It is still relatively new and my writing style still raw.

But feel free to check it out.


Fiber Art Barb said...

Dear Tobias- am certainly mesmerized by your offer. I would love to promote myself in two ways.I am an attractive 50 something looking to find the ultimate product...Mr. Right. If you can not support the finding of love what can you support? I am also I fiber artist that works making silk bowls and also collages using techniques and materials I learned about in Japan. I am just starting to write my blog to support everyone in the arts and get them to think a little about the world and the universe.

Mary D said...

Hi! Just like many, I found this site via blog surfing, and i think its a great idea. Couldn't resist submitting my info before your feet!

My site is for parents, or woman in general. I cover Cooking, crafts, parenting tips, frugal ideas and support.
It is Almostperfectparent.blogspot.com. What does almost perfect mean? That we should be proud of what we do get done and forgive ourselves for what we don't. I'm not perfect, but I'm trying to raise well rounded children while looking good, having fun, and saving a buck! We are still a work in progress, but are having fun!

thanh n said...

Well, the sad thing is that I don't really have a website or anything to promote. All I have are my thoughts.

I'm a freshman in college right now, double majoring with music and chemistry. But you see, even with those two majors, I have no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life. I want to become a musician, but I'm only a mediocre trumpet player. I don't know what I want to do with chemistry, but I love the chemistry field. And I've wanted to take care of my parents bakery once they retire. Every single path that I look at leads me to completely different directions. I'm the type of person that just goes with what life gives her. So we'll see what happens, both for me and for everyone else in this big big world :]

Livinity Nurse said...

WHAT A SUPER SHIZZ IDEA...I like it! I am a nurse involved in the wellness/aesthetic side of healthcare. I am a 50 year old baby boomer who REFUSES to get OLD! I am like a Fine Wine, I get better with AGE!
I help patients to LOOK better with aesthetic treatments and FEEL better with my all natural vitamin and supplements. Not only do I find it important to look good but feel good as well.
We are a society of "Look Good Feel Good" and if it makes my patients happy....THEN I AM HAPPY! check out my blog LIVINITYNURSE......

HeavyMetalReview said...

Hi, Tim Lynch from http://www.heavymetalreview.com here. I am always trying to earn a buck in this life. I also own http://www.lynchwebdesign.com and http://www.peppermadness.com . I make some money working websites for people and a bit at the hot sauce site. However, the heavy Metal Review site is the one I have been spending my time on lately. I know this will not make me rich, but it may help me grow as a person. I am not much of a writer, but want to keep my mind busy. Is there a real formula to a successful business? I seem to think common sense and hard work will probably pay off. Come check it out and let me know what you think.

\m/ Tim \m/

Suddenly Fourty said...

Sorry, I didn't realise this is where I should make my pitch. Here goes:

I've earned my blogging stripes as a social/political commentator over the last 10 years and have decided to do something different. So I started a new blog:


I plan to apply the same kind of vulcan logic I applied to socio-political commentary to, well, a more diverse range of more personal and interesting things.


iBakeCupcake said...

Dear Tobias,
Like many others before me I found your blog using the next blog button. My blog doesn't support a particular cause (although you'll find a lot of posts about fair trade items), instead it's a place for random musings. I'm a musician, student, critic, coffee connoisseur finding my place in the world. Either the posts are about what I'm thinking, what's going on in the world, snarky reviews, etc. It's always a surprise what will be found. Lately the posts have been more about what swirling thoughts are floating around in the abyss I call my mind, but going back further you can find a wide variety of everything.

Weebeastie said...

Greetings from snowy Wales in the UK :)
I could easily take this random chance of promotion and tell you about my recent dabblings in the world of writing and illustrating childrens books but I feel my sister and very good friend deserves the five minutes more than I do!
She is a gorgeous, young single-mum who is striving to spread the message about sewing and crafting. She's about to start her own business and with her talent and effort I have little doubt she will triumph. It's a tough old world out there though when you have a 2-year old and live in the wilderness craving interaction with other adults!
Her blog is simply awesome and has inspired me to have a go at creating everything from sock-monkeys to skirts and beyond. I'm certain that with 5 minutes of fame and a few more blog followers she will grow in confidence and realise how fantastic she is.
The world shall one day be made out of floral fabric and funky stripes! Have a look at:


Thanks for reading this and giving me the opportunity to speak up for an individual who inspires me every day :)

The Invisible Seductress said...

Just a single mom with time to spare and stories about Circus Peanuts,bad men and parenting fun (ahem)! Maybe not worth promoting but ya know I think your choice to do this was fantastic and wanted to share that with you! xxx's and thanks for thinking about others!


green n' gold said...

Hi, it does seem you get a lot of traffic and as a newby blogger I would love to be a part of the '5 minutes of fame' idea! I'm 22, a college student in the gloomy state of Oregon (well gloomy right now at least) and my blog is intended to center on things I find interesting in the media or in my own life.
I have what some might call a somewhat cynical and sarcastic take on current events, but I like to give a balance to the stories we read in the newspaper or see on TV every day by critiquing how we (speaking from an American's point of view) perceive the 'truth'. I also plan on writing more on my personal life and my relationships, which have ranged from football player to sugar daddies, and have gone from casual and brief to high-drama (one involves getting proposed to and then dumped in Mexico). I think it could develop into an interesting little blog, but I have no followers yet and don't know how to go about it. :/ I saw this and thought maybe this could be one way to spark some interest in my blog (which is at: http://lilmissboss.blogspot.com/ )
I'm not really promoting anything... well except myself I guess, but hey we all gotta start somewhere right? Would really love it if I got a chance to get some exposure for my blog, Thanx for your time and for the opportunity! :)

clsutercr said...

This is really a great idea. I alos stumbled over your page by coincendence.

mark haber said...

My blog is titled 'Near to the Wild Heart' (taking the name from a Clarice Lispector novel who borrowed the title from James Joyce). It focuses on Literary Fiction and Fiction of the absurd. I have a collection of short stories titled, "Deathbed Conversions". I love the color brown, dislike purple and like most, think orange is overrated. However I wouldn't go as far as bemoaning orange its credit as it does a lot to help red along. Also green, what's up with green lately? Acting a tad big for its britches I'd say. If you like to read, laugh, brood and generally enjoy tomfoolery and hi-jinks my blog is recommended. (Fat-free & Family Operated since 1914).

cb said...


Interesting experiment. I'm a fiction writer and occasional essayist living in the U.S.--I'm not selling anything. I have links to a few published stories on my web site, links to other literary-themed sites, and a more-or-less literary-themed blog at www.cbbernard.com.

If anyone wants to pass some time by reading short stories, please visit.

I look forward to reading about the results of your social experiment. Thank you.

Robert Britt said...

Hello Tobias, here's the low down on me/us. I hit the next blog and arrived, but I am on a mission. I am the Inspiration Scout for the Get Inspired! Project. http://www.GetInspiredProject.com We are two couples in rural america trying to raise the level of inspiration in the world by doing short telephonic interviews with interesting folks I find. we ask 4 questions on inspiration and dig into them as much as our 15 minute time frame allows. So I would like you to do an interview and if you like, blog about it, our project and the concept. Does it move you? Let me know
Rob Britt
contact @ getinspiredproject.com