Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Your five minutes of fame [3]: Save my company

Hey Tobias! Let's see if this gets your attention. I own what was on its way to becoming a thriving business before I had a a deal go terribly wrong costing me everything and leaving me to start again. I have investors who are considering coming on board, but I had another, more creative idea as well. You seem to be someone who can appreciate one's creativity. I wrote a book titled; Save My Company, Buy This Book; A Business Guide to raise money and took some unique approaches to drive sales. Check out my story, if you don't mind, at:
and my blog, which really needs some traffic, at

I hope you don't mind lending a hand, or some traffic!

This is what the Birmingham post writes about a man who want to save his business by pre-selling a book about
how to save companies…

Want your own 5 minutes of fame? Read more from here…

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