Thursday, December 18, 2008

Season greetings teach us a lesson, again!

It’s christmas time, and my e-mail inbox and mailbox is full of season greetings and cards. Quite some 80 % of them are made so boring and without any love that I feel harassed and dump them immediately, with the bad feeling that it would have been better not to receive anything. This can be seen as a parable for marketing communications in general: In 80 % of the cases people don't like the ads, commercials, brochures, websites and all the other touch points. If, however, things are made well people are happily spending their time with the ad, commercial – or the christmas card. What does this tell us? Let's skip 80 % of the crap and concentrate on the 20 %, and people won't be harassed by marketing anymore. Crises solved. Too simple?

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